World Prayer Today

“I am alive and growing in the truth.”

November 07, 2017

Hailed by the travel industry, the country of Chile is known as a must-see destination. From the driest desert on earth to the vast southern glacial fields, fertile valleys, soaring peaks, and rushing rivers … Chile doesn’t disappoint visitors.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. As we travel on our knees today we’re interceding for Thru the Bible’s broadcasts that can be heard throughout Chile several times a day. 

We don’t often hear from Chilean listeners, but let’s rejoice in this email we recently received:

“Thank you for sharing the knowledge that God has given to you. I have just begun to listen and have already given my heart to Jesus. The treasures you have shared from the Bible have changed me from within and I am alive and growing in the truth.”

Let’s pray that God will use His Word to draw more Chileans to Himself in salvation. May every man, woman, and child know of His love and proclaim His goodness to those around them.

There is a lot to pray about tomorrow in Honduras. Join us on World Prayer Today.