World Prayer Today

“Why run if God is my rock?”

November 02, 2017

“When I am faced with adversity I feel tempted to run away and give up. But why run if God is my rock? In Him I hide myself, not to escape, but to empower myself and face difficulties with courage.”

That’s the encouragement we hear from one listener today as we travel on our knees through Mozambique. But before we bow our heads let’s consider the many challenges facing God’s beloved in this struggling African country.

  • As little as 80% of pastors have little or no formal training, with a large number (perhaps even the majority) functionally illiterate.
  • Recent civil war along with repeated floods, droughts, and cyclones have contributed to widespread poverty.
  • A high incidence of HIV/AIDS has left many ill and orphaned.
  • Over five million cases a year of malaria are reported each year, killing many and leaving others chronically ill.

That’s a lot to pray about! Please join us as we come before the Lord pleading for the spiritual and physical health of our brothers and sisters in Mozambique. Together let’s ask that Thru the Bible broadcasts will be effective in educating rural pastors, encouraging believers who have no access to churches, and bringing lost souls to Christ.

It’s a privilege to pray alongside you. Join us tomorrow as we intercede for God’s people in Swaziland.