World Prayer Today

A victim of violence finds restoration in Jesus

October 12, 2017

“I’ve walked a confusing path of rebellion and questioning God, but He never let go of me.”

That’s what we hear from a listener in Columbus, Ohio, on World Prayer Today. She continues:

My earliest memories of this program began in preschool. My mom and I would listen together every morning as she drove me to school and even in the summer it was on her radio most mornings in the kitchen. Dr. McGee’s voice is a comfort to me as it reminds me of growing up in a Christian home. Sadly, I was sexually abused as a young child and it left my faith in shambles. But I praise God that the things my parents instilled in my heart took root and God brought me back to Him in my 30’s. Now 40 years old, I am walking with Him and feel completely restored. I listen to your program online and am so thankful that Dr. McGee speaks life into me and now to my children as well. Thank you for your program! I hope it remains accessible to the whole world until Jesus returns!”

Praise God for His ability to heal our broken hearts and restore our faith! As we reflect on the journey of this brave listener, let’s pray for all those who have been hurt at the hands of another.  Through His Word and His love in their lives, may they find healing, hope, and freedom from their suffering.

It’s a privilege to pray alongside you. Tomorrow we travel to Los Angeles, California … travel on your knees with us!