World Prayer Today

Pray for the declining church in Quebec

October 09, 2017

“A country within a country.” That’s how many travel experts describe French-speaking Quebec, Canada.

Welcome to World Prayer Today. As we travel on our knees through this romantic province, let’s take a minute to talk with Rejean Joly, producer of Thru the Bible’s French-Canadian broadcasts. Here is what he says:

“Your prayers are appreciated. In recent years the church in Quebec has experienced a decline in influence and numbers, our attendance rate is Canada’s absolute lowest. Please pray for unity among believers, that we can come together and be a light to the many living in darkness. And please pray for new opportunities for Thru the Bible in Canada. It’s our deepest desire that more people will have the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

There you have it, World Prayer Team. As we honor these requests today, let’s also remember to personally pray for Rejean and his team. May the Lord strengthen and encourage them as they reach out to French-Canadians in God’s name.

Join us tomorrow as we pray and jog alongside a listener in Seattle, Washington.