World Prayer Today

Pray for persecuted Christians in Uzbekistan

September 22, 2017

In Uzbekistan, converts to Christianity from Islam experience persecution in the form of pressure and violence from family, friends, and the local community. In addition, they also suffer from raids, threats, arrests, and fines.

But praise God that experts tell us God’s church is growing in this environment. So today as we pray for more Uzbeks to hear God’s Word on Thru the Bible, let’s also pray for our Christian brothers and sisters who are under constant surveillance. Ask the Lord to protect them and give them His peace in the middle of these difficult circumstances.

Our worldwide prayer tour continues next week as we travel on our knees to the Middle East and North Africa. Until then, if you know someone who would like to hear God’s Word taught in their heart language, invite them to join us at where Thru the Bible can be heard in almost 100 languages and dialects.