World Prayer Today

A teenager in Ireland discovers the joy of Bible study

September 12, 2017

“The longer I spend time studying with you, the more I want to make it a habit in my life.”

That’s the beginning of a text message we recently received from a teenager in Ireland.

She continues,

“As I was studying for exams, I accidentally found your programs on the Internet. I really like your teaching. The explanation of the Bible and the way the program gives you a closer look at the heart of God makes me feel relaxed while in His presence and gives me a greater understanding of His will. I’m studying God’s Word more than ever before.”

What a great letter! As we pray for listeners in Ireland today, let’s also pray that each of us makes God’s Word a priority in our lives as well.

Tomorrow’s stop on our World Prayer journey: Norway. Join us as we travel on our knees.