World Prayer Today

Praying for the beautiful and broken land of Botswana

August 18, 2017

Beautiful but broken. That’s how many people describe the AIDS-ravaged country of Botswana. But praise God, His Word is bringing hope to listeners like this one named Sasha.

“I have gone through so much trauma from this disease that I began to feel only deadness in my heart. A few months ago, I moved to an area where I heard your programs and am beginning to have a bit of hope for my future. You are encouraging me to change my view of myself by looking at myself through God’s eyes. Please pray that in time I may have the strength to do this.”

Like the country itself, let’s pray for all the beautiful, broken people in Botswana. May God’s Word give them strength for today and hope for a glorious future with Him.

On Monday our prayer journey takes us to Mexico where we’re reminded to pray for the minds and hearts of the little ones in our lives.