World Prayer Today

“I persecuted my children …”

July 27, 2017

Experts tell us that an estimated 100 million people live in Vietnam, yet there are 150 million cell phones in use! And more than one third of those are smartphones.

That’s why in the last few years, Thru the Bible’s Vietnamese team has been focusing on sharing God’s Word to very large numbers of people using SD cards.

And it’s working! Here is an example of just one (of many) whose life has been changed through the power of God’s Word:

“I gladly listen to your program every evening. I was a sinner, but the Word of God has touched my heart. I am ashamed to say that I persecuted my children when they believed the Lord before me. But I know the truth now and have repented my sin and turn to the Lord and love Him. I thank God for His love so great that Jesus died for my sin on the cross.”

Today let’s praise God for the many ways He is reaching people with His Word. And let’s intercede for Thru the Bible’s ministry team in Vietnam. Pray that the Lord protects them from government intrusion and persecution.

Pray with us tomorrow on the island of Samoa.