World Prayer Today

Pray alongside those who worship in secret in Turkmenistan

July 06, 2017

Inhospitable. That’s what many people call the country of Turkmenistan.

But they aren’t just talking about the waterless terrain that makes it difficult for plants and animals to live. They also refer to the tight restrictions and regulations that hinder the spread of the gospel there.

But praise God that His Word can be heard on Thru the Bible. As one listener writes:

“My husband has found out that I have accepted Jesus and now someone from my family follows me everywhere. They fear for my safety but also oppose my faith. I thank you for your messages that I can listen to in secret. I hide my radio and worship God as you read His Word.”

Praise God that in a country where sharing God’s love is difficult and dangerous, Christian radio is able to quietly enter homes. Today, pray that Thru the Bible broadcasts heard in the languages of Uzbek and Central-Asian Russian will change the lives of more people in Turkmenistan and sustain those believers who worship God in secret.

Tomorrow’s prayer destination: Ukraine.