World Prayer Today

Special Middle East Update

June 21, 2017

Dear World Prayer Team—

Wonder if your prayers for the people who listen to Thru the Bible in the Middle East are being answered?

Steve Shwetz, our Thru the Bible host, and Gregg Harris, TTB president, recently visited with our ministry partners in the Middle East and North Africa. On their way home during a layover in Frankfurt, Germany, they paused to record this short update specifically for you, our prayer team. As you listen, be encouraged that your prayer support is a critical part of the ministry in the Middle East that is bringing light to dark places in an unprecedented scope and depth.

Listen to Gregg and Steve's update here.

As an added treat, visit by video with Steve and Gregg on the set of Kol el Ketab, TTB’s Arabic television program, as we celebrate the taping of the final television program in the five-year Arabic journey through the entire Word of God. Praise the Lord with us for this milestone ministry mark. Watch the video here.

Thank you for continuing to pray for the impact of God’s Word in the lives of those who seek Him and follow Him in the Middle East and North Africa.


Your ministry partners at Thru the Bible