World Prayer Today

Praying for freedom of faith in Libya

June 13, 2017

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today we land in the North African country of Libya where partners in ministry say that violence and deliberate targeting of Christians is increasing at an alarming rate.

Despite the threats, God’s Word is changing the hearts of the Libyan people! Want some proof? Here is an email from a listener named Hakeem:

“I feel that the Lord sent me a gift directly from heaven when I heard your programs and you directed me to a link of the Arabic Bible. Now I can follow along. In my country, I cannot ask anyone for the Bible because there are a lot of extremists living among us. But I’m glad that I can be called free and have eternal life with my Lord Jesus. Please pray more Libyans will come to know Jesus and one day we may be able to praise Him publicly.”

What a great letter; let’s echo Hakeem’s request. May God’s Word reach into every home throughout Libya, replacing hatred and violence against Christians with His love and grace.

We have a lot to pray about in the African country of Mauritania. We hope you’ll join us for the journey tomorrow on World Prayer Today.