World Prayer Today

Praying for our prodigals

May 02, 2017

One of the most frequent prayer requests we receive at Thru the Bible is for the salvation of family members.

That’s why today we travel on our knees to Phoenix, Arizona, to meet with a listener named Tonni who reminds us to pray for the salvation of people in our own communities … especially those within the walls of our own homes.

“I have listened to Dr. J. Vernon McGee for years, and prayed with the Bible Bus Team in great hope for people around the world and right in my own backyard. YES, even those in my own household need to learn of Christ and the Good News of the gospel.

“Frankly, I am overwhelmed by the thousands of responses to the gospel by those who are hearing your broadcasts. Usually, I am on my way home from a grueling workday when I catch the program, and often I am brought to tears by the letters that you share. The Living Word of God is SO powerful and some of the conversions are SO dramatic, that it amazes me.

“Please include my family in your prayer as well. I’ve prayed for so long and have so frequently shared the love of Jesus that they don’t even listen anymore. This year, I have resolved to leave it in HIS hands and rest in the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives and hearts. I will continue to join you in prayer and encourage you to continue this great work as you take the whole Word to the whole world!”

What a great request. Let’s join Tonni in praying for our family members whose hearts are far from God—pray for them to turn to our wonderful Savior who loves them and waits with open arms.

Join us tomorrow as we receive inspiration from a grandmother in North Carolina.