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Discover the purpose of life

April 19, 2019

What is the purpose of life? This question haunts many and motivates a few.

Today on our World Prayer journey around the world, we celebrate that people in India are discovering the purpose of life.

Sanjbe, a listener to Thru the Bible’s Chhattisgarhi broadcast, writes:

Did you know the impact that God’s Word has on people? I did not know about Jesus Christ and the purpose of life. I struggled with meaning and became very discouraged. Therefore, I did what I wanted and lived a very sinful life and was heading straight for hell. But when I heard the Bible explained on your program, God touched my heart. I confessed my sins and received forgiveness made possible through Jesus Christ.

“Today I am living an abundant Christian life through the riches I have found in Christ Jesus. And the secret? It is God’s love, friends. Please pray for me as I stand before the scrutiny of my family members. Especially intercede for the salvation of my wife and children.”

Praise God for this brother who discovered the greatest purpose in life is to live for Jesus Christ. Pray today for new believers around the world and their witness before their families.

Meet us here next week as we travel to North America and pray for friends and neighbors who ride the Bible Bus alongside us.