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“The Bible isn’t dull anymore…”

April 12, 2019

Welcome, World Prayer Team! Thanks for traveling with us today to China where Bible study resources are scarce and broadcasting God’s Word can be difficult.

But despite the obstacles, Thru the Bible broadcasts in Mandarin and Cantonese and continues to look for new ways to reach the world’s most populous country. As one Chinese listener puts it:

“I have been visiting your website to listen to your programs regularly. Thank you for helping me understand God’s Word and know much more about Him. Each program brings surprises. I receive joy in the spirit, true beyond my understanding, blessings, and energy each time I listen. I love to read the Bible. It’s not dull anymore … especially the Old Testament has come alive. Thank you for spending the time and effort on each program.”

Isn’t it great to hear how God is working in China? Today let’s ask Him to remove the barriers to reaching more people with His Word and expand the borders of where Thru the Bible broadcasts can be heard.

Join us next week as our countdown to Resurrection Sunday begins with stories of faith from around the world!