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Are you disappointed in God?

January 03, 2018

As we travel the countryside of Italy today, we meet with a couple of listeners who desperately need our prayers. One shares,

“I'm disappointed with God, as He does not answer my prayers. I just asked Him for health, so that I can serve Him. But God didn't give me health. Why doesn’t He listen to my prayers?”

Another listener says,

“I am out of work and running out of money. I try to pray and have faith, but I’m worried. Is God listening to me? Will He help me?”

Do these requests sound familiar? Perhaps you or someone you know is also waiting for God to answer your prayers.

Today, let’s ask God to comfort us through the promises of His Word. May He strengthen our faith as we entrust our lives to His care and trust His heart and His plan—even when they don’t line up with ours. He is trustworthy!

Be sure to join us as our journey through Western Europe continues tomorrow with a visit to Portugal.