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“I planned to commit suicide …”

May 11, 2017

Welcome to Kerala, India, where God’s Word is encouraging listeners of our Malayalam broadcast like this one:

“My father was an alcoholic and was a very toxic person. Our family was a complete mess. I envied all happy families, especially my cousins who had a loving father. I always wondered what made my uncle so good and respectable. One day he told me about Jesus, and I knew this must be the secret of a happy life. I accepted Jesus and became a Christian and tuned into Thru the Bible regularly for daily manna. However, when I went away for college, I had no access to the program and slowly drifted away.

“Not long after, my father married me to a non-Christian without my consent. My husband was a reflection of my dad and worse. He was always drunk and abused me. We had a daughter but nothing changed. I planned to commit suicide and had everything ready as I laid my daughter to sleep. I absentmindedly turned on the radio and heard your program. The message stirred and melted my hard heart. The message also was on the backslidden nature of man and the forgiving grace of God. I repented sincerely and also called your local offices.

“I won’t give you all the details, but with their advice and through much prayer my situation has changed. My husband is now softer and he even allows me to go to church. He also listens to your program and I see many changes in him. I have full confidence that the same God that works in me is working in him, too. I praise God for Thru the Bible and pray more people in difficult situations will hear it so they too can have the hope and peace that I’ve found in Jesus.”

What a great prayer! Today let’s intercede for all our listeners living in difficult circumstances. May they find strength, comfort, and courage in the great love of God.

Join the prayer team tomorrow as we gather in Tamil Nadu, India.