Broadcast Schedule
We urge you to read the portion of Scripture being taught–either before or after the broadcast. This will greatly increase its value to you. The Broadcast Schedule is printed onto a bookmark and mailed out to those on our print mailing list every other month. Sign up for our mailing list here

January 2016 

 Download the January/February 2016 bookmark here!
 1  Friday  Revelation Intro (cont.)
 2  Saturday  Questions & Answers: Is Jesus the only one who has a resurrected body? Where is the Ark of the Covenant today? Can a divorced person participate in ministry? And more… BUY THE CD
 3  Sunday
 Is the Curtain of Prophecy Ready to Go Up in the Near East? (Deuteronomy 28:63-66; 30:1-9) Trouble seems to be constantly brewing among the nations of the Middle East. There are wars, bombings, and complete unrest. Is this a fulfillment of prophecy or only “birth pains”? BUY THE CD
 4  Monday  Revelation 1:1
 5  Tuesday  Revelation 1:1-4
 6  Wednesday  Revelation 1:4-9
 7  Thursday  Revelation 1:10-17
 8  Friday  Revelation 1:17-20
 9  Saturday  Questions & Answers: When did the apostles receive the Holy Spirit? Why does Matthew give us the genealogy of Joseph? Does God hate some and love others? And more… BUY THE CD
 10  Sunday
 The New Testament Church (Revelation 2) What is the New Testament Church? Can we find it in the in-fighting of the Corinthian church or the legalism of the Galatian church? Or is it something else altogether? BUY THE CD
 11  Monday  Revelation 2:1-4
 12  Tuesday  Revelation 2:4-7
 13  Wednesday  Revelation 2:8-12
 14  Thursday  Revelation 2:12-15
 15  Friday  Revelation 2:16—3:2
 16  Saturday  Questions & Answers: What is the meaning of the parable of the unjust steward? What is the sin that leads to death? Do we have a physical or spiritual body in heaven? And more… BUY THE CD
 17  Sunday  Why Jesus’ Church Will Not Go Through the Tribulation (Revelation 4) In recent years, there has been a flurry of debate over the issue of the end times – specifically, the timing of the Rapture. Will it be before, during, or after the Tribulation? BUY THE CD
 18  Monday  Revelation 3:3-7
 19  Tuesday  Revelation 3:7-13
 20  Wednesday  Revelation 3:13-15
 21  Thursday  Revelation 3:16-19
 22  Friday  Revelation 3:20—4:1
 23  Saturday  Questions & Answers: Will the Old Testament saints be raised at the end of the Tribulation? Will there be Christians, Jews, and Muslims in heaven? What is the origin of God? And more… BUY THE CD
 24  Sunday  The Church That Goes Through the Great Tribulation Do you believe the church will be raptured before the Tribulation? Well, so did Dr. McGee, but he said there will be a church that goes through the Tribulation. How is this possible? BUY THE CD
 25  Monday  Revelation 4:1-6
 26  Tuesday  Revelation 4:7—5:1
 27  Wednesday  Revelation 5
 28  Thursday  Revelation 6:1
 29  Friday  Revelation 6:1-8
 30  Saturday  Questions & Answers: When did professional clergymen appear in church history? Which James wrote the Epistle of James? Why is Stephen called the first martyr and not John the Baptist? And more… BUY THE CD
 31  Sunday  Whither the Church--Woe! or Whoa! (Jude) Dr. McGee stated, “Jude contains a vivid and dramatic description of the apostates who have taken over the church today.” Is revival possible? Or will it be revolution? BUY THE CD

February 2016 

 Download the January/February 2016 bookmark here!
 1  Monday
 Revelation 6:7-17
 2  Tuesday  Revelation 7:1
 3  Wednesday  Revelation 7:2-4
 4  Thursday  Revelation 7:5-12
 5  Friday  Revelation 7:13-17
 6  Saturday  Questions & Answers: What are the signs of the coming of the last days? What is the biblical view of abortion? Are we obligated to witness? And more… BUY THE CD
 7  Sunday  Will There Be a Total Apostasy of the Church? (Revelation 3:14-22) Many New Testament writers spoke of the apostasy entering the church in their days. Today we are still seeing the apostasy of the church grow. But will there be a day when every church has turned away from the living and true God? BUY THE CD
 8  Monday  Revelation 8:1
 9  Tuesday  Revelation 8:2-6
 10  Wednesday  Revelation 8:7-13
 11  Thursday  Revelation 9:1-6
 12  Friday  Revelation 9:7-20
 13  Saturday  Questions & Answers: Can our salvation be lost? Should Christians follow the Old Testament dietary laws? Are there rewards in heaven? And more… BUY THE CD
 14  Sunday  He is Coming Again! (John 14:3) Paul says that we are looking for that blessed hope – that is, the day when Christ will come again. What will that be like, and when will it happen? BUY THE CD
 15  Monday  Revelation 9:21—10:1
 16  Tuesday  Revelation 10:2-7
 17  Wednesday  Revelation 10:8—11:2
 18  Thursday  Revelation 11:3-12
 19  Friday  Revelation 11:13—12:1
 20  Saturday  Questions & Answers: Was Mary, Jesus’ mother, sinless? Will a married couple on earth be married in heaven? Did the witch of Endor bring back Samuel from the dead or was it a demon? And more… BUY THE CD
 21  Sunday  The Time of Armageddon (Revelation 16) Although history has labeled two wars in the last century as “world wars,” the true world war will occur as the days of the Great Tribulation rise to a fevered pitch during the war of Armageddon. BUY THE CD
 22  Monday  Revelation 12:1-5
 23  Tuesday  Revelation 12:6-9
 24  Wednesday  Revelation 12:10-17
 25  Thursday  Revelation 13:1
 26  Friday  Revelation 13:2-8
 27  Saturday  Questions & Answers: Will the Antichrist be revealed before the Rapture? Is the Holy Spirit a person or a force? What did the Israelites do with the blood from the temple sacrifices? And more… BUY THE CD
 28  Sunday  The Millennium—What? Where? When? How? Who? (Isaiah) Revelation 20 speaks of the thousand-year reign of Christ on the earth known as the Millennium. But it’s in the prophecies of Isaiah that we must turn to view a detailed picture of what those days will be like. BUY THE CD
 29  Monday  Revelation 13:9-18